Monday, June 29, 2009

Bob Seger's Live Bullet

My pal and fellow musicologist Doug and I were exchanging emails about Live Bullet the other day. Released in 1976, this record was a veritable soundtrack of my high school years ('75 - '79) at good old R-B. I think George was the first person I knew who had the album and I “taped” it to cassette (that was legal back then, as it is now) and wore out the connected 2-song blend of “Travelin' Man” and “Beautiful Loser” in the under-seat tape deck player I rigged in the Fiat 124 Spider Sport. It is an iconic album and arguably the finest double-live rock album of all-time. Sort of in reverse, this live album created more national sales for Seger's studio efforts at the time - such as the Night Moves record, which in turn, increased the sales of this live record. I know all the advantates of iPods and digital music files, but these are photos I took of record albums I own.

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