Friday, June 19, 2009

Neil Young's On the Beach

I do not know much about this album and actually have never even played it. It was in a box I bought at a garage sale this summer. At garage sales, I typically make an offer to the seller like, "how much for the whole box?" and then see what I've bought when I take them home and go through them. I am posting it because a cool guy whose office suite is next door to my office is a huge Neil Young fan. Rolling Stone magazine's initial review of the album described it as "one of the most despairing albums of the decade (seventies)." Hope you like this, Michael.

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  1. stephen holden [r-s] article clearly does not get this album. he does not do it justice. you found a gem. the vinyl is hard to find and was not released to cd for 3 decades due to neil's quirks and love of this work.

    every neil young fan must own it. his best in my opinion. i had to order the vinyl from amzn b/c i could not find it anywhere.

    have some thoughts on the album here if you are interested:


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