Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Garage Sale Season

If you like my blog on collecting vinyl records - join the group I modertate over on Linkedin. At it's called Vinyl Record Collectors and there are now over 50 members. It has a pretty active discussion board. As we get close to the 4th of July - that tends to signal the end of the spring/early summer Garage Sale season. I did great this year. I usually make a fair (low) offer and try to buy the whole lot of records at any one garage sale. The seller are happy to get rid of all the records at once. I got Led Zeppelin I and II, Elton's GYBR, and some Bee Gee's records.

When I buy all the records at one time at garage sales without first going tthrough all of them, it reminds me of buying football cards. You didn't know what you were getting until you got home and opened the packets. I suggest blue-collar areas (suburbs) that might be less afluent - those areas seem to have the most vinyl at their garage sales.

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