Thursday, July 2, 2009

10cc - Deceptive Bends

10cc is an English "art rock" band from the 1970’s. First with a line-up of four musicians, three of whom were boyhood friends from Manchester. Most unique for one band – is they actually had two two-person song-writing teams. one the more pop-related and the other more artsy duo. Plus each guy in the band played multiple instruments. Just before this album, called Deceptive Bends, was released in 1977, two guys split the band. Recorded at Strawberry Studios in Surrey - it reached No. 3 in Britain and No. 31 in the US and produced 3 hit singles most famous one being , “The Things We Do For Love." They then added a drummer, Stuart Tosh, who used to be in Pilot. (think Ho Ho Ho It's Magic). 10cc may be more famous for their (UK) top #1 single, the reggae-infused "Dreadlock Holiday." Watch that clip at link shown above.

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