Sunday, July 12, 2009

Disco Still Sucks: July 12, 1979

30 years ago today. It was the middle of the summer of 1979. And it was another middle for me and my best pals. We had just graduated from high school the month before and we were all going off to college the following month. So this was a milestone summer and as it turned out – it was a historic Chicago milestone event of epic proportions. Not sure whose idea it was to go to Steve Dahl’s White Sox promotion called Disco Demolition night - probably Greg’s or Carolyn’s – but Ron and I happily went along. I drove, of course. The deal was, get into a White Sox twi-night double-header game (vs. Detroit) for just .98 cents (WLUP fm 98 – get it?) and a disco album. The gate staff took all (most) the records at the turn styles at the entrances. The records were all collected and piled into a huge crate in center field and then Steve blew them all up in between the two games. Things got very out of hand and let’s just say the second game was not played. For more see Rick Kogan’s excellent article in the Chicago Tribune at and also or

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