Monday, February 15, 2010

Triumph - Just a Game

I have to thank my dear pal Greg for first exposing me to this band, back in high school. Triumph is one of the most underrated rock bands of the '80's. As 3-piece rock bands from Canada go - the reigning all-time gold medal champs are...right? Yup - not Triumph. [More on Rush in later posts.] Once in a while you may still even hear a Triumph song on FM radio. I am still trying get better at the photo merge feature: this is the front and back covers, blended into one image. Want you to view these album covers, as one - to see the entire lower 48 as a game board, with a massive, winged UFO above. Colorful, stylish, unique - so purely eighties. Lead singer and guitarist Rik Emmitt still actively tours (mostly in Canada) and I was glad I got to see him at House of Blues in Chicago a few years ago. . Listen to Hold On clip from YouTube when clicking on the post title. Wow – would that be awesome to hear at the closing ceremonies? I think it would be great! Hold on. Yes - Hold on to that dream.


  1. Triumph's "Allied Forces" record was one of my favorites. "Fight the Good Fight" and "Magic Power" were top-40 tunes, but good ones.

  2. Could not agree more, Andy. I have that record too. On the back, Rik Emmitt is wearing a Habs jersey. But that cover (AF) is not really as good as this one - artistically, that is. Thanks for posting.


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