Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stephen Stills: live at House of Blues Chicago this week, Thursday March 3, 2010

For my dear pal Scott - and his recent open-ended question (actually it was a post on Facebook), "is classic rock dead or on its way to extinction?" If you are reading my this, you already know my answer: No, classic rock is not dead.  The record you see here is 40 years old.  What bands and/or music from today will be around in 2050?   Will the songs of Nickelback?  Keith Urban's?  Perhaps.  The only way to know is by looking back from today.  We know Elton's music will last forever.  Did those geezers stink up the joint at halftime in Miami?  Hardly.  Today's bands could not carry The Who's guitar cases.  And please make sure to clink on the title of this post and you will land on a youtube clip.

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