Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jackson Browne - two classic albums

Saturate Before Using (left) and The Pretender (right), his first and fourth albums.  I "saw" Jackson Browne the summer of 1979, from the lawn at Ravinia (an idylic outdoor venue in Chicago's north suburbs).  At the time - it was the largest crowd ever there.  I think Jim Gordon was drumming that evening.  And JB told the crowd he was joining The Eagles up at Alpinve Valley (WI) the next night.  Albert Lee plays on this record, I hope Lee is invited to play at Clapton's Crossroads concert this summer as he has in the past.  Russ Kunkel and Leland Sklar are on the low end.  As on hundres of other records from this era and location (SoCal; 60/70's) - Henry Diltz took the cover photo.  Author Barney Hoskyns refers to The Pretender as dark and brooding - as the artist reflects on the death of wife Phyllis Major in 1976, an aftermath of the'60's record.  Browne had just finished producing Warren Zevon's debut album when he made TP.  The awesome Chuck Rainey (Aja) plays bass, and Jeff Porcaro and Jim Gordon drum; Crosby and Nash sing harmonies on the title track, and JD Souther plays on this record.  Title clip is The Fuse, first cut on TP.

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