Thursday, May 6, 2010

Montrose - with a guy named Sam Hagar

Montrose - their eponymous debut album.  The guy on the cover photo, who is looking down, under the S and the E is none other than the Red Rocker himself - Sammy Hagar.  He is credited on the record as Sam Hagar.  Lest my readers, followers, and fan think I have gone a bit too soft in the music department recently - this record is good, old-fashioned, early '70's hard rock.  Out in 1973, this debut album by Montrose was produced by the legendary Ted Templeman.  Ronnie Montrose played on Van Morrison's fifth album - Tupelo Honey.  I bought this record for fifty cents at a used record and book store last night.  I wonder who "Sherry" is.  The record and jacket are in pretty decent shape and it plays weel - but based on wear and tear, this record certainly was played heavily.

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  1. Ronnie also played on another good album from that era, Edgar Winter's 1972 release of "They Only Come Out at Night." After Montrose there was Gamma, and then Ronnie embraced "intstrumental rock." I would love to see Sammy and Ronnie kiss and make up but it ain't gonna happen.


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