Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jimmy Buffett - "You Had to be There"

Jimmy Buffett - "You Had to be There"  Disclaimer: I am not a huge Buffett fan.  Don't get me wrong, his songs are great and are exactly right for the CD mixes I bring on tropical dive trips.  But I have not bought into his Corporte Conglomerate, branding efforts to own or co-op all things sun, surf, and sailing.  But on a stay-at-home snow day like today in Chicago - I did want to get something up here as a distraction from the 4 foot snow drifts out my back door.  To me, if JB had stopped making new songs after this record - he still would remain awesome.  The liner notes begin with JB writing, "There's nothing to this show business gig.  After twelve years and ten albums I enjoy remembering some of the moments in the history of the Coral Reefer madness that still make it fun."  This period (pre-1978) is/was his best.  His new stuff...not so much.  This is a full and excellent double-live album.  I love the show opening with Son of Son.  Bigger JB fans and experts, Parrot Heads like my pal Bill C. - are the songs he made after this record as good or better than his classics on this album?


  1. where was this live album recorded?

  2. at the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta, where I think Skynyrd's One More for/from the Road was also made.

  3. And Gusman Hall in Miami, FL.. I was there for the Tuesday show.


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