Saturday, April 16, 2011

Record Store Day: Joe Jocker - One Night of Sin

Joe Cocker - One Night of Sin.  With the awesome song called When the Night Comes.  Check it out.  I had a blast this afternoon celebrating Record Store Day.  I was in Chicago - on South State Street - at Record Breakers.   This record store had two local bands play live: a younger Green Day-ish act with plenty of fans clogging up the aisles of vinyl, but they moved around to allow me to flip through the records.  And a 3-piece accoustic group which I video taped.  I bought this one - and there is no such thing as too much Joe Cocker.  And I just love When the Night Comes. which I read in the liner notes was written by Bryan Adams, and he jacks that awesome solo out two-thirds into the songs.

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