Sunday, June 19, 2011

Deep Purple Concert Review: I

First off - am very saddened by the new of Clarence Clemmons having passed way.  Deep Purple - accompanied by the Ravinia Festival Orchestra (not the CSO), the house orchestra at the famous outdoor summer concert venue.  Skeptical as Nancy was about how this incongruous mashup would come off, I thought having the RFO backing Deep Purple worked great.  In fact, having them there made the show much more interesting and unique.  An 18 seat string section on the left, orchestra conductor, and horns and woodwinds on the right.  All wearing their summer "white on whites," with black slacks and black tux bow ties.  They opened with Highway Star and also did My Woman from Tokyo a few songs later.  Click on this post's title for a video clip.  I could not place the lead guitarist but he sounded familiar.  It was the great Steve Morse.  This current version of Deep Purple is/are Ian Gillan, Morse, original Roger Glover on bass, Don Airey keyboards, and another founder Ian Paice on drums.  Steve Morse is a tremendous guitar player and I am glad to have seen him.  Below is the set mist from made in japan:

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