Sunday, June 5, 2011

REO Speedwagon Golden Country - Gary Richrath

First thing - please see the video clip on this one by clicking on this post's title.  I am not sure which is better, the MC introducing the band, or the song they do (the classic 157 Riverside Avenue).  A local FM rock station (WDRV - the Drive in Chicago is playing only live recordings of classic rock songs this weekend.  It's their Live Drive Weekend for you marketers out there.  Yesterday morning driving around on some errands (read: hitting garage sales) they played one of the greatest live songs from from what many agree is one of best DLA's of all time: photo above right.  The song is Golden Country.  If you don't have it on your iPod, check it out here:  I will classify this further.   What Gary Richrath does is put out the best live recording on vinyl of a guitar solo on a Gibson Les Paul from the late '70's.   That's pretty narrow - but actually a large chunk of music.  Sadly, Gary left the band or was asked to leave.

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