Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More on Paul McCartney, as he Wings his way across America

Paul McCartney and Wings, the live Wings Over America - a great TLA (Triple Live Album).  It was supposed to be a DLA, but I read that a bootleg started to go around, and Paul decided he might as well add a 3rd record to the package.  I have spoken to some people who attended Paul's shows in Chicago last week.  All have said how truly fantastic the concerts were.  And I read the reviews, scanned the set lists from both nights, and sort of wished I had gone.  Yes - it's fun to read the set lists after the shows.  A missing gem omitted from his bulked up tiara of jewels to draw from - would be a song called Beware My Love.  The studio version is on Wings at the Speed of Sound - and it's on side 5 of Wings Over America.  I bet it was considered, maybe even played in other cities on the tour.  It builds with a very soft touch of lone acoustic guitar and church-like choral vocals.  Then the plaintive storm builds with those three titular words, over and over - but they don't get old.  Paul cries out "no no no...he must be wrong."  I bet Paul's drummer Abe Loriel, Jr. would love hammering this one out of the park. Try this one here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-i3bs9pAyc&feature=related

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