Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Garage Sale Season: Caribou Ranch Recording Studio

The one on the right is an album by America.  Called Hideaway - I got it at a garage sale last Saturday for a dollar.  It was the only record I bought that day - having hit 8 or 8 sales on that gorgeous day.  It was prododuced by the great George Martin.  Besides the BEATLES of course - Martin worked with many other top acts - Jeff Beck, Gary Glitter, Ultravox, Kenny Rogers, and Cheap Trick.  These two records today above, and many other great records were made at Caribou Ranch studios, in Nederlander, CO.  Caribou Ranch was a famous recording studio that was built by producer James Guercio in 1972.  It was a converted barn on  this ranch property.  Gobs of great records were made at this studio it was damaged in a fire in March 1985.  The band Chicago was managed by Guercio and they made 5 records here: VI, VII, VIII, X, and XI.  EWF made records here too.  In 1972 Joe Walsh and Bill Szymczyk were making the aptly named Barnstorm here too.  Plus RIck Derringer's Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo.  And of course Elton's album called Caribou, CFABDC, and Rock of the Westies.

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