Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hank Crawford - After Hours; on Atlantic, with Tom Dowd and Nesuhi Ertegun

Hank Crawford - After Hours.  I have it on good authority that some of you out there who read this blog are jazz music fans.  If you have been reading here, lurking around, or have formally followed this blog - you may have stumbled upon a few posts about jazz records.  I inherited the bulk of those records from my dad.  While reading the Lieber & Stoller book (Hound Dog, it's great!), we also learned a great deal more about Atlantic Records and Ahmet's brother Nesuhi Ertegun, during that formative era of music - the fifties.  I landed this record by paying paying more than what I normally pay, for two ninety nine.  Yes - it is on Atlantic (of course) # SD 1455 - whatever that means.  It was produced by Atlantic house producer from back then - the late, great Tom Dowd.  Shamefully, I don't know a thing about Hank Crawford.  Please allow me to tie him and this record into modern rock and roll.  Apparently Hank Crawford was asked to play (and did) on Eric Clapton's late eighties come back lp called Journeyman, which I do not own on vinyl.  That album has a too-polished techno sound from that era - but it is anchored in blues rock.  So Eric has Hank sit in on at least one song on the album.  I guess I will have to get Joureyman to find out which one/s.  But the jazz expert won't need me to explain Hank was the pillar of the Ray Charles experience as altoist, arranger, and songwriter.

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