Monday, October 31, 2011

Chicago (Transit Authority) - their eponymous debut album

Chicago (Transit Authority).  This their eponymous (sort of) debut album.  Right after it came out - they were forced to drop the Transit Authority from their name.  I forgot how great this record is.  It was recorded in 1969 at Columbia Recording Studios in New York.  This a unique and rare (not from a collector's perspective) record album for a couple reasons.  One - this being the band's first album is what I will call a DDA - a Debut Double Album.  [I am an expert on DLA's - the ubiquitous Double Live Album.] That 2-record format for a debut is unheard of - and risky.  Who else had a debut album with 2 records? And - B. for my money - it was Chicago's finest album.  And they've had many - perhaps 35, using goofy Roman Numerals, like the Super Bowl.  Thus, Chicago makes it onto a list that a band really does not want to be on.  The "Their First Album was their Best Album" list.  They join The Cars, Boston, Molly Hatch, The Allman Brothers, Clint Black, and the Marshall Tucker Band - on that list.

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  1. The only other double debut album that came to mind was The Mothers of Invention - "Freak Out!" ... which I've read was also the very first double debut album by a rock band.


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