Monday, November 28, 2011

Duane Allman - an anthology...

Duane Allman - an anthology.  You will likely be more familiar with the front cover of this 2-record album.  It's a photo of Duane standing by the banks of a pond in the deep south.  We know that because of the Spanish Moss hanging thick like draperies from the bulbous Cypress trees growing up out of the still waters.  In the photo - Duane is shown fishing, with a line in the water from what looks to be the classic, closed-face Zebco model 202 casting reel.  This 2-record album is aptly named "an anthology," because it is.  The songs on it are not all "Duane Allman songs," but of course he plays on all of them.  We get songs by artists such as John Hammond (Jr.), Wilson Pickett's version of Hey Jude, which most agree really put Duane Allman on the map, Clarence Carter, some very early Boz Scaggs, and also Aretha Franklin.  Side one starts with a B.B. King meldy by one of Duane's first bands, called The Hour Glass.  Then, on sides 3 and 4 - we hear Duane on a sampling of songs by Delaney and Bonnie & Friends, Eric Clapton/Derek & the Dominos, and lastly - the Allman Brothers Band.  I bought this record after having recently read Sky Dog - a Duane Allman autobiography.

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  1. Of the photos I have seen of Duane fishing, and this photo as well, were taken at Lake Bradford in Tallahasee. I spent a LOT of time on that lake from 1978-1981, and know it well.


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