Monday, December 5, 2011

Paul McCartney - His Regards to Broad Street, and getting by with some friends

Does anyone remember this Paul McCartney record?  It has some new songs on it - and some old BEATLES songs on it - that were re-worked.  Plus his Wings smash hit - Silly Love Songs.  I faintly recall that is was a movie soundtrack album.  Paul is not afraid to call in some heavyweights to come play with him on this record.  David Gilmore, John Paul Jones, Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro, Uncle Ringo, Dave Edmunds, and Chris Spedding - to name a few.  Here is what I read about it: Give My Regards to Broad Street is the soundtrack album to the 1984 film of the same name.   This album was fairly  successful, garnering Sir Paul a #1 song on the UK charts for its lead single, "No More Lonely Nights" - which was also a Golden Globe award nominee.  It was produced by Sir George Martin, CBE.  Besides "No More Lonely Nights" (also heard in a dance version), the only previously-unheard tracks were "Not Such A Bad Boy", "No Values" and a symphonic extension of "Eleanor Rigby" entitled "Eleanor's Dream."   The scope of the album was so immense that when it saw release that October, its vinyl issue had specially edited versions of its songs. The cassette and the later CD edition preserved the tracks' full lengths, while the CD went one further by including a bonus 1940's-styled piece called "Goodnight Princess."

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  1. If this album came out in 1984, then was "Silly Love Songs" a reworking? I seem to recall it first coming out in the mid-1970's.


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