Friday, December 9, 2011

Survivor - Premonition with Summer Nights, Chevy Nights, and Light of a Thousand Smiles

Survivor - Premonition.  This record contains a song that many would consider to be one of the quintessential rock songs of the eighties.   That song is called Summer Nights.  Click on this post's main title above for a link to hear that song.  Out in 1981, this album came out right before the smash Survivor had with Eye of the Tiger.  Not only is Summer Nights a fantastic song, but also check out Chevy Nights, Runaway Lights, and Take you on a Saturday.  But my favorite song on this killer album is called Light of a Thousand Smiles.  Jim Peterik wrote these and so many other great songs.  His main songwriting partner, according to the album cover is Frankie Sullivan.

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