Monday, January 30, 2012

The Byrds...untitled, with 16 minute version of Eight Miles High

The Byrds, untitled...the band that started it all...this is also the photo I used to have up on my newly formatted Facebook page - called Timeline.  Most people don't like that, but this is not about Facebook.  The Byrds are/were one of the most important bands ever.  I don't think new bands can really attain important-ness.  This album is referred to as Untitled, their 9th, it was released in 1970 on Columbia.  It is a double album, but s not a DLA, because the first disc is live recordings from some early 1970's performances in New York City, but the second disk is studio recordings.  That is an odd format.  Genesis had 3 sides live.  This album was the first official release of any live recordings by the band as well as the first appearance on a Byrds' record of new member Skip Battin, who replaced the band's earlier bass player John York.  The studio disc is has songs by lead Roger McGuinn and a Broadway theater director Jacques Levy, they had some idea to try to do a country rock musical, but that never go off the ground, so those songs ended up here.   The single "Chestnut Mare" and b/w "Just a Season", was released in the U.S. in October 1970 and reached #121 (wow!) on the Billboard chart.   Side two has one song on it - Eight Miles High, at all of 16 minutes.

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