Thursday, January 12, 2012

Climax Blues Band - two similar records; Couldn't get it wrong

Climax Blues Band.  Shine On and Gold Plated.  With sax-playing lead singer!  Climax Blues Band - (did not know they were originally known as the Climax Chicago Blues Band.  Formed in Stafford, England - in 1968.  Original members were guitarists Peter Haycock and Derek Holt; keyboardist Arthur Wood; bassist Richard Jones; drummer George Newsome; and vocalist and harmonica and sax player, Colin Cooper.  In 1970, they shortened their name to just Climax Blues Band due to "pressure" from the a band called Chicago Transit Authority, who in turn felt pressure from the actual CTA (our mass transit system), to shorten their name.  CBB released at close to 20 albums, with "Couldn't Get It Right" their seemingly sole hit.  What a band - what an era.

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