Monday, January 23, 2012

Jefferson Airplane - Played at Woodstock...

Jefferson Airplane - played at Woodstock...if this record and album cover was in better shape, it would quite valuable.  It was a throw-in at the Record Show a couple of weeks ago.  One dealer was selling a VG issue of it for close to twenty dollars.  This one, that I own - as you can see - it pretty banged up.  Here is what wiki tells us about it.  Jefferson Airplane Takes Off is the debut album of San Francisco rock band Jefferson Airplane, released on RCA Victor Records in September 1966. The personnel differ from the later "classic" lineup and the music is more folk-rock than the harder psychedelic sound for which the band later became famous.  Signe Toly Anderson was the female vocalist and Skip Spenceplayed drums.  Both left the group shortly after the album's release and were replaced by Grace Slick and Spencer Dryden, respectively.

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