Monday, January 16, 2012

Joe Sample - The Hunter

Joe Sample - The Hunter...what do we know about Joe Sample?  Well, this for was a child prodigy, having begun playing the piano when he was five years old.  He was a student of the late great organ and piano extraordinaire Curtis Mayo. Since the early 1980's, he has enjoyed a successful solo career and has guested on many recordings by other performers and groups, including Miles DavisGeorge BensonJimmy WitherspoonB. B. KingEric ClaptonSteely Dan, and The Supremes. Sample incorporates jazz, gospel, blues, Latin, and classical forms into his music.  Perhaps he is best know for being a founding member of the Jazz Crusaders, later shortened to just The Crusaders.  The Crusaders are an American music group popular in the early 1970's and well known for their amalgamation of traditional jazzpop, (funk) and soul sound.  Since 1961, more than forty albums have been credited to the group (some live and compilations), 19 of which were recorded under the name "The Jazz Crusaders" (1961–1970).  I have many Crusaders records - and when you type The Crusaders into youtube, the first video song clips that you see at the top of the list are the tune Street Life, from the album of same name.

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