Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ray Parker, Jr. - Woman Out of Control (wiki down today - still posting!)

Ray Parker, Jr., Woman Out of Control.  Skooter and I wore this album out in college.  After living in the "big house" on Broadway with 11 pals, we scaled down into apartment living, 8 guys in two, 2-bedroom apartments on Willow Street.  We would have these "after set" parties after the bar closed and this was one of our go-to records.  It keep things lively.  And while we're at it - Ray Parker, Jr. is one of the most talented music-makers of all time.  Just as Michael Jackson was no Prince, and Lionel Richie was no Michael; Ray Parker, Jr. has at least as much pure musical talent at those I mentioned.  Other than the lame-ish Ghost Busters, his songs from that same era seemed to always get the short shrift.  For instance - on this (like his other albums) all songs were written and produced by Ray.  Plus - Ray Parker, Jr. is credited in the liner notes as playing "Drums, Bass (guitar), Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, and Lead and Background Vocals."  He does invite a few others to help on on things like flute, congas, tambourine, "percussion," and assorted background vocals.

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  1. Not sure that I agree on Ray Parker being more talented than MJ, Prince and Lionel.

    However, I do think that he is VERY underrated as a musician, songwriter and singer.

    lol: "Ghostbusters" may have been his career highlight but, it was also probably the WORST thing to happen to his career. I just don't think people took Ray very seriously after that.


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