Friday, January 6, 2012

Robert Palmer - two solo albums...

Robert Palmer - solo albums.  He's on my Saw him play live List.  He has a ton a great songs!  What a shame to have lost him.  Once of the great voices of rock.  Right up there with Paul Rodgers.  The one on the left, Secrets, came out when I was a freshman in college and I got very sick of Bad Case of Lovin' You, (Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the News) - so that song is ruined for me to this day.  On the right is his epic monster Riptide, with the deeply pounding Addicted to Love.  Hey - it was produced by my all-time favorite bass player - Bernard Edwards.  Tony Thompson drums on it too!  Try to listen to more of Robert Palmer's songs and find his other gems.

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