Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Santana - Abraxas

Santana - Abraxas.  This is a request post.  Over on my Linkedin group that I moderate (Vinyl Record Collectors), a guy - Randy - mentioned that this great album has two song pairs best played in order. They are: Black Magic Woman & Oye Como Va.   The great Michael Shrieve drums on this album.  His was perhaps the finest bit (from a techincal standpoint) of playing captured on the feature-length Woodstock movie/documentary.   The once and future Journy keyboard player - Greg Rolie - is on this record.  As for the above album cover artwork: Abdul Mati Klarwein (April 9, 1932 – March 7, 2002) was a painter best known for his works used on the covers of music albums.

The inside of the record album cover.


  1. Samba Pa Ti... back in olden times when radio stations signed off at midnight, and back on at 6 AM, a local station used this as their sign on, and my clock radio hit it every morning, A great tune to wake up to!

  2. ran into him getting off an elevator recently...I was dumbfounded...


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