Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Graham Parker and the Rumour - The Up Escalator

Graham Parker and the Rumour - The Up Escalator.  This was his follow-up to Squeezing Out Sparks, which was voted album of the year in 1979 by the Village Voice.  I remember his hit from that record, Local Girls - which was played tons that summer, sounding a touch like Joe Jackson, or vise versa.  On this record, Graham taps an interesting list to play with him.  They are - besides himself on guitar and vocals:   Bruce Springsteen - background vocals.  Nicky Hopkins - piano (of course).  Jimmy Maelen - percussion.  Martin Belmont - guitar.  Danny Federici - organ.  Steve Goulding - drums.  Brinsley Schwarz - guitar, background vocals.  Peter Wood - synthesizer.  Andrew Bodnar - bass.  Stupidly, mostly because their names sound similar, I do get him confused with Gram Parsons.   But they could not me more different.  Graham is an Englishman, and Gram is a California dude.

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