Friday, February 17, 2012

Jim Peterik; Autographed Copy of Eye of the Tiger. And Hello New Followers!

First off – welcome new Followers.  I hope you will find this as much fun as I do.  The records are selected totally at random (but I do take requests) and the photos are ones I taken and cropped.  On to today’s post…this is the back album cover of the album called Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor.  To me - Jim Peterik, the Ides of March, and Survivor should all be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Anyways, Nancy and I attended Jim's solo concert back on Saturday, Feb. 4th - at the The Theatre of Western Springs, at 4384 Hampton Ave., just off Hillgrove.  Funny, but as a life-long 708'er, I had no idea this quaint and intimate theater even existed.  The little 400-seat place was jammed as local legend Jim Peterik (you’re likely to bump into him anywhere in the western ‘burbs), a true songwriting legend, played a loose and fun 90-min. set that was a veritable parade of the hit songs he's written – not only for the bands he's fronted: the Ides of March and Surviror, but also the many hits he's written for .38 Special, Sammy Hagar, and others  So, whenever I think there's going to be a “Jim-sighting,” (read: often) I always toss in a stack of records into my car - just in case.  After the show, Jim stayed talk with fans, have photos taken with anyone, and to sell a few CD's (I bought one) and I had time to dash out to the car and he graciously signed the one above.  Check back with me for more Jim Peterik concert dates in the area.

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