Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Peter Frampton: the three albums of his in my collection

It's Peter Frampton Week here. Culminating with a concert I am attending this Saturday.  Billed as him performing the quintessential DLA Frampton Come Alive! in it's entirety, in order. Top photo is the inner gatefold of the ultimate DLA, Frampton Comes Alive.  It was most epic-ally captured using Wally Heider's Mobile Recording Truck.  The actual concerts recorded were at Winterland (SF) and Marin Civic Center, San Rafael, CA, Island  Music Center, Commack, Long Island, and SUNY Plattsburgh, NY.  Below left is his eponymous 4th (not his first) solo record - from 1975.  This one, called Frampton, was released in 1975, right before he went on tour where Frampton Comes Alive! was made.  This is the record that has studio versions of his songs from the album are "Show Me the Way" and "Baby, I Love Your Way," which were later recorded on Frampton Comes Alive!  That album peaked at #32 on the Billboard 200.  The liner notes tell us it was recorded at Clearwell Castle, Gloucestershire, England and was committed to tape using Ronnie Lane's Mobile "Reels on Wheels" recording studio.  Remember, FCA! was recorded mostly in 1975, and released in January of 1976.  Lower right is his 1977 follow-up effort, called I'm In You.  After FCA!, there's no way on earth a performer can do anything close to that level - which until recently (still is?) is/was the biggest selling DLA of all time.

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  1. Saturday night on my way to "American Idiot" I saw that Frampton was coming to Chicago Theater. I immediately thought, "I'll bet Curt's goin' to that!" By the way I really liked "American Idiot". Sure some aspects of it as theater are marginal, but as an enjoyable experience, I and my older son Alex had a great time! Lastly "I'm In You" was about the worst album I ever bought. Granted it's hard to follow up FCA (as you note), but "I'm in You" totally bored me.


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