Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Poco - Cantamos. Were a couple of Eagle chicks stolen from the nest by an evil predator?

The eight album by Poco, Cantamos.  With band lineups changing every few years, this is who played on this Poco record: Paul Cotton – guitars, vocals.  Rusty Young– pedal steel guitar, banjo, Dobro, guitar, mandolin, and vocals.  Timothy B. Schmit– bass, harmonica, and vocals.  And George Grantham on drums and vocals.  It’s on Epic records, which likely surpassed Atlantic during the impending 80’s, and the recording engineer is listed as Mark Henry Harman, who was assisted by Michael Verdick.  I was searching for the music clip on Youetune that I wanted to have accompany this post.  By the way - are you aware that if you click on the title of each post here – you are automatically linked to a corresponding song that I select over on youtube relating to the band or the song?  I do hope you try that.  I read this comment on Youtube, "..if it wasn't for that twit David Geffen, who convinced Richie Furey he'd be better off on his own; and if he (Geffen) didn't put all his efforts into creating that other "super" country rock band (gee, I wonder who that is?) instead of promoting the one true country rock band with ALL the talent, Poco would have been THE mainstream country rock act.  And, if Don Effing Henley didn't steal away not one, but two Poco players for his own gain, then again, Poco would have been the more commercially successful band.  Still, they shine!"

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