Sunday, March 25, 2012

Duane Allman plays on Herbie Mann's Push Push

This is a find.  A real find.  Yes, I had vaguely heard of Herbie Mann.  But I bought the record because of this hairy-chested guy with a flute slung over his shoulder.  So, it was a great buy, just based on that.  Then, it gets better.  This is Herbie Mann's Push Push.  He is legendary.  Then, it gets even better.  Duane Allman plays a killer jam on this record. Yes, Duane Allman.  Last fall, I read the autobiography of Duane Allman called Sky Dog and I vaguely recall reading about the Push Push sessions.  This is on Embryo, a unit of Atlantic Records.  The inner gatefold photo on the original release (the one I own and shown here) was controversial.  Other performers on this album included Cornell Dupree (guitar), David Spinozza (guitar) (credited as David Spinoza), Gene Bianca (harp), Richard Tee (piano, electric piano, organ), the great Chuck Rainey (see: Steely Dan's Aja)Jerry JemmottDonald "Duck" Dunn (bass), Bernard PurdieAl Jackson, Jr. (drums), and Ralph MacDonald (percussion).  Guitar solos were by Duane Allman, except on "Man's Hope," which was performed by David Spinoza. The recording engineer was Jimmy Douglass and the producer was Arif Mardin - one of the house producers at Atlantic Records.

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  1. If this is from the 1970's, then I guess this is the definition of "sculpted body" from that era!


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