Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Greg Kihn Band - Glass House Rock

The Greg Kihn Band - Glass House Rock.  OK, this band certainly reigned during my five year college experience, that spanned from the fall or 1979, to the spring of 1984.   To this day, I can't stomach his hit Jeopardy.  My favorite song of theirs is called Testify, from their album Kihntinued, that I posted here back on July 17, 2009.  Click on this post's title for a clip of it.  Kihn is the front man for The Greg Kihn Band, which released several singles and albums that made the charts in the early 1980s.  Their hits were "The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em)" 1981 and above-mentioned 1983's #2 hit "Jeopardy."  Did not know this:  as of early June 2011, Kihn was the morning DJ at San Jose, California classic rock radio station KUFX-FM.   Since 2001, The Greg Kihn Band has been one of the opening acts at the annual Kihncert, which is organized by KFOX.  Greg's son Ry Kihn (named for guitarist Ry Cooder) sometimes plays with his father's band, as well as a band of his own, Big Fun USA.  He also has a daughter, who once sang Christmas carols on his radio show.  Greg Kihn was inducted into the San Jose Rock Hall of Fame in 2007.  Did not know Hoser even had a RNRHOF....

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