Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The J. Geils Band. Their DLA entry, Blow Your Face Out

The J. Geils Band.  Their DLA entry, Blow Your Face Out.  I am a sucker for double live albums.  In college, right around the early eighties - we thought their two hits were great: Freeze Frame and Centerfold.  But this album came out six years before that.  This "album was recorded at two concerts held in November 1975 - one in Boston and another in Detroit, where the band's other two live albums "Live" Full House (1972) and Showtime!(1982) were also recorded.  Great songs on it - like "Must Of Got Lost" and their take on the Supremes' Where Did Our Love Go – and many others.  This album is widely thought of as (one of?) the best live blues rock albums of the decade (seventies)."  That claim seems to have been, at least loosely, verified over on LinkedIn, in the vinyl record collectors group that I moderate.

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