Friday, April 20, 2012

The Brothers Johnson - Light Up the Night

The Brothers Johnson - Light Up the Night.  These guys are great.  Some of my favorite tunes.   Notwithstanding how superb this album cover is - they are talented musicians, singers, and songwriters.  If Quincy Jones is involved (and he is - as producer on most of their records), that's good enough for me.  This one is Light Up the Night is the fourth album by the Los AngelesCalifornia-based duo Brothers Johnson, released in 1980. The album topped the U.S. R&B albums chart and reached number five on the pop albums chart. The single, "Stomp!", became a dance hit, reaching number one on both the R&B singles and disco charts and top ten on the pop singles chart.  Playing on this record are, among others:  

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