Sunday, April 15, 2012

Leon Russell - Life and Love, with a word about Roger Linn

Leon Russell...Life and Love.  Most of the best rock piano players say Leon Russell is the best rock piano player.  This record was produced by Roger accomplished guitarist, songwriter and musical instrument designer, mainly of electronic drum machines, and has recently branched out into guitar effects pedals.  His innovations in music technology go back as far as 1979 with the release of the worlds first sampled drum machine, the LM-1, and subsequently the LinnDrumm and Linn 9000, lead to some defining moments in the music of that era. In 1988 Roger teamed up with Akai to create another classic instrument of it's time, the MPC 60, this sampler / sequencer / music production center and its offsprings almost totally ruled the world of Hip Hop and Rn'B sound for a long time, a tool that inspired new art.

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