Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Michael Stanley Band - You Break it...You bought it!

This is the first lp out from the The Michael Stanley Band...and my second post on this unique band. From his own website, we can read: "You Break It You Bought It" - The first track "I'm Gonna Love You" served notice that the Michael Stanley Band was here to rock.  Driving drums and bass, great harmonies and a nice guitar solo on the "fade" make this the perfect tune to kick off the album. Other rockers include "Face The Music", "Highway Angel", and "Lost In The Funhouse" which was the first home to Tommy Dobeck's drum solo in concert. Balanced by a few beautiful ballads like "Dancing In The Dark", Jonah's hit single 'Waste A Little Time On Me", "Sweet Refrain", and the album closer "Where Have All The Clowns Gone"/ “Song For My Children", this album was the perfect introduction to the Michael Stanley Band. Paul Harris again lent his talent on keyboards and the project was produced by Bill Szymczyk."

You may recall the hit they had back in the seventies, He Can't Love You.  For more here, see my post from Sunday, August 7, 2011:

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