Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads - Tribute...most expensive record in my collection

Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads - Tribute.  OK, so this one earns the Most I Ever Paid for a Used Record prize.  (Don't ask).  But having met the gentleman who took this iconic photograph - I just had to have it.  I speak of professional rock concert photographer Paul Natkin.  A couple of years ago - I saw a special on our local Chicago public television station (WTTW Ch. 11) on Paul.  Watching it, I found out Paul lives in Chicago.  So I tracked down his email address and invited Paul to come out and give a talk over lunch at my photography and camera club meeting.   Paul gave a slide show talk about all of the great rock concert photos he has taken over the past 30 years.  Read more about Paul here


  1. Hi Curtis, I'm still there. Record Collection DJ Eric EL link doesn't work no more. It changed into or
    By the way: your photographer is interesting. How about signed albums?

  2. Hi Eric - from Chicago! I AM the photographer of all photos here. I will re-link to your blog again...


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