Saturday, May 19, 2012

Donna Summer: Side One from On the Radio, Greatest Hits Volumes I & II

The great Nile Rodgers stated that her Love to Love You Baby was one of his major inspirations.  It has one of the great breakdowns.  And of breakdowns, Nile says that's why he wrote and played songs, to get to the breakdowns, Nard.  This record above is her greatest hits album.  Side One is what I can play straight through. And I did yesterday afternoon as I filled up our five hummingbird feeders with fresh red juice.  It starts with On the Radio, then Love to Love you Baby, and then Try Me, I Know We Can Make It, then I Feel Love, closing out with Our Love.  It is a great side of a great two-LP greatest hits album.  Yesterday I read the fine obituary of written by music critic of the Chicago Tribune.  Quoting Kot, "In 1977, the producers and Summer collaborated on a concept album that surveyed several decades of music, “I Remember Yesterday.” Its “future” segment included the track “I Feel Love,” which lived up to the hype: hypnotic waves of synthesizer rhythm suggesting some kind of science-fiction metropolis, with Summer’s voice rising and falling as if riding the celestial highway’s curves.  It was not only a No. 2 pop single, it would prove to have a lasting impact on music. Brian Eno, while in recording sessions in Berlin with David Bowie at the time, proclaimed the song, “The sound of the future.” Which, Bowie, added, “was more or less right.”   Kot is correct, it has a very Kraftwerk feel to it.

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