Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Ides of March - with songwriting credits to Jim or Jimmie Peterik, on various 45 PRM labels

Jim Peterik, with The Ides of March, on 45 RPM records.   One of the reasons I still buy 45's is that they are so portable.  I keep a little stash of them in a travel pouch - all or most by the Ides of March, Survivor, or .38 Special in case I run into Jim Peterik somewhere - which does tend to happen a few times a year.  He happily autographs them for me.  He is always so gracious with his time.  I also like presenting gems from long ago, or rare, out of print lp's for him to sign - often times to his amazement.  Above we has Parrot Records, You Wouldn't Listen, and Hole in my Soul, (b-side of Girls Don't Grow on Trees), and lower left is a not-for-sale copy of Mother America on the yellow RCA label, from the World Woven lp.  And of course, lower right is Vehicle, on the Warner Brothers (pre-7 Arts, I think) olive drab colored WB label.  All penned by Jim.  45's; they're a good thing.

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