Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rare Earth - the white Motown Band, In Concert - their DLA

Rare Earth...In Concert.  Their DLA.  You just could not be a band without one.  A local band I know very well - the Bad Dads - they play summertime fests around the area and bar gigs in the winter.  A few weeks ago, I was promoted from Roadie to Guitar Tech.  My pal Dan is their bass player and backup vocalist.  They were setting up lighting stands and I got to hold - no, wear! - his 1978 Fender P-Bass!  I was in awe.  I had a few photos taken - they are on my Facebook page.  But back to Rare Earth.  In their last set, the Bad Dads broke out Get Ready, which Rare Earth made famous as a cover version of Temptations version of the Motown song. It was written by Wm. "Smokey" Robinson.  And Dan really likes doing that song because their drummer takes on lead vocals and Dan gets to nail the short bursts of call and response: You're Outta Sight and It's All right.  And You're All Right. Since they don't have a saxophonist, The Bad Dads do not give it the full 30 minute Rare Earth treatment. Like this:  Here is the Temptations version of it:  And try this one too:  Having just sample the Temp's doing it - those are hard to beat.

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