Monday, June 11, 2012

Subject: Aldo Novo and concerts I attended while in college at ISU

Subject:  Aldo Nova.  Good pals Jack, Skooter, Jonny A., and Keith (or Jay?) in college worked as ushers in our student union building and auditorium, the aptly named Bone Student Center, and it concert hall, the Braden Auditorium.  With pals for ushers, my goodness, the free concerts we got to see - unbelievable.  Aldo Nova was one.  I think he was the opening act for Sammy Hagar.  ISU's Braden Auditorium, was rather new where I arrived on campus in the fall of 1979, built in the seventies I think.  The Auditorium, with no center aisle, seats about 3,500.  In the early eighties we saw Phil Collins on his Hello I Must bo Going tour, and Peter Gabriel on his Shock the Monkey Tour.   Here are some others I attended. February 6, 1982 - Prince, on his Controversy Tour.   February 15, 1984, Stevie Ray Vaughn, on his Couldn't Stand the Weather Tour.  The Re-Flex (or the Fixx) and openers, the Thompson Twins.  The best ever for me was Muddy Waters, the day before my 19th birthday, in Feb. 1980.  And Johnny Cash, but I don't have the date.  Jack and Scott and the others had to wear these brown corduroy blazers and and besides getting people to their seats, sometime even had to function as bouncers.  Jack likes telling about the guy down from Chicago who tried to bring a 5th of booze into the Prince concert and when Jack questioned him about it - they guy flashed a knife.  Jack politely showed him to his seat.  For larger acts, Horton Field House was the on-campus venue for acts we saw like AC/DC on the Back in Black (Black Oak Arkansas opened?), and others.

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