Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Joe Sample Collection is growing...

This is the 5th of six Joe Sample records I own. It is called Carmel, from 1979.  Not counting the 8 or so records I have by The  Crusaders, I ought to know more about, if not Joe himself, then at least, The Crusaders.  I think their name first was The Jazz Crusaders.  From sources..."In the 1970s, as the Jazz Crusaders became simply the Crusaders and branched out into popular sounds, [Joe] Sample became known as an (premiere) L.A. studio musician, appearing on recordings by...Joni Mitchell, Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner, B. B. King, Joe Cocker, Minnie Riperton, and Anita Baker.  In 1975 (Sample) went into the studios with jazz legends Ray Brown on bass, and drummer Shelly Manne to produce a then state-of-the-art recording direct to disc entitled The Three.  About this time Blue Note (records) reissued some of the early work by the Jazz Crusaders as “The Young Rabbits.”  This was a compilation of their recordings done between 1962-68.  The electric keyboard was fairly new at the time, and Sample became one of the instrument's pioneers.  He switched to electric keyboard for his recordings with the Crusaders themselves, and the group hit a commercial high-water mark with the hit single "Street Life" and the album of the same name in 1979.  In 1978 (Sample) did a joint session with guitarist David T. Walker, Swing Street Café, which had all the feel of a live set done in a back street joint in Texas."

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