Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Rolling Stones - Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass); the Bo Diddly Beat

The Rolling Stones...inside photo from  Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass).   Based on Mick holding and playing the maracas, they could very well be caught here playing Not Fade Away.  "Not Fade Away" is a song credited to Buddy Holly (originally under his first and middle names, Charles Hardin) and Norman Petty (although Petty's co-writing credit is most likely a formality) and first recorded by Holly's band The Crickets in Clovis, New Mexico, on May 27, 1957 (which was the same day the song "Everyday" was recorded).  The song's rhythm pattern is a variant of the Bo Diddley beat (with the second beat occurring on the second, rather than third beat of the first measure) which itself was an update of the so-called "hambone" rhythm, or "patted juba" from Western Africa; Crickets drummer Jerry Allison pounded out the beat on a cardboard box."  The beat is also called Shave and Haircut - two bits.  This album is Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass) is the first official compilation album by The Rolling Stones, released on 28 March 1966, on London Records in the US and on 4 November 1966, by Decca Records in the UK. The two releases featured different cover art and track listing. The front cover for the American release was used for the rear photo on the UK edition.  The album cover photo (US edition) was shot at Franklin Canyon Park in Los Angeles, California.  The British version was again made available to the public as part of a limited edition vinyl box set, titled "The Rolling Stones 1964-1969", in November 2010. It was also re-released digitally via iTunes.  The vinyl version of the album includes a booklet inside the gatefold with pictures of The Rolling Stones in concert and in the studio.

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