Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Buddy Miles: Them Changes

Buddy Miles - Them Changes.  I saw a great local blues band recently, Nick and Overalls (spelled for some reason: Ovorols), and they played a very funky version of The Allman Brothers' Dreams.  As I was buying their CD from Nick himself, I told him Dreams is one of my favorite songs.  The ABB version, and especially how Molly Hatchet does it.  Nick told me I should check out Buddy Miles' version of it.  I did, and it's on this great record.  You can hear how it links the two versions.  This take on Dreams was arranged by Bob Hogins and Buddy.  Also, the song Memphis Train was produced by Steve Cropper.  This album was recorded at Audio-Finishers Studios, Chicago, IL.  There is not any information on that studio I could find.  Like where it was located.

   George Allen "Buddy" Miles, Jr.  began a collaboration with rock legend Jimi Hendrix, and bassist Billy Cox - and that produced the Band of Gypsys LP.  Buddy met Jimi Hendrix in an earlier time, when Miles was sixteen and both were acting as sidemen for other artists in the early '60s.  The meeting occurred in Canada in 1964, at a show both were participating in.

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