Sunday, August 26, 2012

Neil Diamond Tribute Band: Denny Diamond and the Family Jewels

On the left is Moods, from 1972.  Last night Denny did Song Sung Blue, Porcupine Pine, and Play Me.   Neil wrote every song on it.  And on the right is Stones, from which Denny played I Am...I Said, Crunchy Granola Suite (twice! - by request), and perhaps one or two others.  Stones came out in 1971.  And the copy I own is an original issues.  I can tell because of the string and cardboard spool flat closure.   As I read, Stones is the seventh studio album by Neil Diamond, recorded and released in 1971. It was one of the biggest hit recordings of his career. The conductors and arrangers were Lee Holdridge, Marty Paich and Larry Muhoberac.  Early copies of the LP album featured a picture label and a unique version of the cover with a button-string style closure on the back. The cover itself was styled as an envelope that opened from the top. This was later abandoned and replaced with a standard side-opening sleeve.


  1. My favorite Neil Diamond story, and I've told it before. At an IU football game a coupla years ago (not a football hotbed), during a TV timeout the loudspeakers played, "Sweet Caroline". There was a purplish sunset goin' and they cut it for game action, but the crowd didn't care about the game and kept singing full tilt!

    1. Very cool. That is really the ultimate sing-along...


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