Sunday, October 14, 2012

Elton John Concert Review, part two

Nancy and I were at a business conference, in Vegas of course, having lunch the day before we were to leave, at Mesa (Bobby Flay) at Ceasar's Palace, which happens to be right next to the Colosseum box office.  So after lunch we walked to the box office to see if we could get any same day tickets.  I was prepared to splurge, but the good seats were all way off to the side.  I asked the ticket gal if there were any singles.  We've been married 20 years, we don't need to hold hands during show.  Turns out - there were 2 killer seats way down front, but not in the same row.  So we did it, one row apart - up very close, Nancy in 3rd row, me in 4th.  Her 3rd row seat was in effect a 1st row seat because being on the angled aisle, there was not one person between her and Elton.  A mere 12 feet to the piano.  The show was outrageous.  Classic, deep set list - and with his stalwarts joining him: Nigel Olsson, Davey Johnstone, and Ray Cooper.  During Crocodile Rock, towards the end of the show I saw a couple of security guys setting up some stands and velvet rope barriers figuring he would come down our aisle.  Was I wrong.  He launches into SNAFF, and to my utter shock - they let us in the first 3 rows take the stage!  I did not know what to do - so I headed for the stage of course.  But rather than grinding in behind the piano with 20 others, I sat down. On. The. Freakin. Stage. Within easy reach of His Million Dollar Piano.  He belts out SNAFF as if directly to me.  Nancy stayed in her seat - standing.  Sitting on the stage - I glance back to Nancy and my shrug to her indicates:  Is this the Schmaltz Bucket or what?

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