Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Grinderswitch: Honest to Goodness

The train to Grinderswitch is runnin' right on Charlie Daniels sings.  So where is Grinderswitch?  Grinderswitch is-was a southern rock band formed in Warner Robbins, Georgia. They recorded for Capricorn Records, but never rose to same success as their label mates, The Marshall Tucker Band or The Allman Brothers Band.  Grinderswitch was formed in 1973, while original members Dru Lombar, Larry Howard, Joe Dan Petty and Rich Burnett lived together in farm, practicing and writing songs. Joe Dan Petty was working for The Allman Brother Band at the time and supported other members of Grinderswitch, before they got a record contract.  As Charlie Daniels sings: Well the train to Grinderswitch is runnin' right on time.  And the Tucker boys are cookin' down in Carolin'.  People down in Florida can't be still.  When old Lynyrd Skynyrd's pickin' down in Jacksonville.  And people down in Georgia come from near and far.  To hear Richard Betts pickin' on that red guitar.  That is the opening line to The South's Gonna Do it Again.  [chorus].  Then last verse is: Elvin Bishop sittin' on a bale of hay.  He ain't good lookin', but he sure can play.  And there's ZZ Top and you can't forget, that old brother Willie's gettin' soakin' wet.  And all the good people down in Tennessee - are diggin' barefoot Jerry and C.D.B.  I do love that song.


  1. I seem to recall Grinderswitch had a somewhat hit, but can't recall the name of the song. Can you jostle my memory?

  2. They are best know for being mentioned in the lyrics of the Charlie Daniels Band song. But I will check...

  3. Vinyl records are great for collecting. We have almost 70 here and my dad doesn't want to stop still. He's been collecting for a couple of years now.


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