Thursday, October 25, 2012

Paul Williams - is not dead...

I photomerged this.  It's a single album cover.  He has been in the news some recently because a documentary on him was just made and released.  It is called Paul Williams is not dead.  This lp is called Just an old fashioned love song, (one he wrote covered popularly by Three Dog Night.  And what a stellar cast Paul assembles to play on this record.  Lee Sklar and Russ Kunkel, (aka Peas and Carrots.  Have never NOT seen their names together).  Plus Michael Utley, Tom Scott, Rick Marotta, and David Spinozza - to name a few.  Here Williams came into his own, writing the bulk of his material single-handedly. Just an Old Fashioned Love Song boasts "We've Only Just Begun" -- one of his signature compositions -- and finds him in wistful, melancholic form. The uncluttered arrangements, and the fact that Williams has learned to use his weak voice for emotional effect, make his second album a comparative success. While it's not really right to assess him in singer/songwriterly terms (he never played piano, guitar, or indeed any instrument, and is more accurately termed an easy listening tunesmith), Just an Old Fashioned Love Song is a worthy addition to the genre. "Waking Up Alone," "A Perfect Love," and "Gone Forever" form a touching triptych of moving, and surprisingly subtle, love-gone-wrong songs. Each adequately displays Williams' growth as both a performer and composer.

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