Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Record Shopping - at Korvette's

You can see that this record still has the cellophane wrapper on it.  I am leaving it that way because the original price tag is affixed to the the cellophane.  And the price tag tells the story.  By the way - this is an awesome record.  Up on Lake Geneva - we had it on cassette tape on Kevin's boat and that tape I think was never removed from the boat's tape deck.  I can't hear Snakeskin Cowboy without thinking back to water skiing on that lake!  That song it just killer.  Back to this price tag.  Folks around where I live and of a certain age will remember EJ Korvette's department store.  They had huge record section and the pricing was very odd.  You wanted to buy a record so you need to check out what letter (F) was on it, then look to a conversion chart on the wall. That is likely why Korvette's went under.

Record shopping.  

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